Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why take a Mastermind?

Why take a Mastermind?

'Walking into a new place, with many new faces can be awkward and uncomfortable; those were my feelings as I walked into my first mastermind group.  The feeling of excitement to grow, but being held back from the thought of embarrassment and being out of place. Upon shaking hands, meeting new people, the feeling of being out of place was erased and the positivity in the room was electric.  Everyone was just like me, there to expand his or her mind and find more self-motivation.  After the introductions the power points started rolling and the lesson began. 
It lasted past 2 slides when the teacher presented a thought-provoking question, everyone sit silently for a few moments reflecting how the question impacted them individually.  Soon a discussion started amongst the group, as each person was enticed to give their opinion and thoughts.  Hearing each person’s response was eliciting another idea in my own mind.  When I saw a chance to jump in with my ideas, it was relieving to see the attentiveness and interest from everyone in the group. 
Though we might not have agreed or had the same ideas as one another the whole group grew together.  Opening our minds to different thoughts and challenging ourselves to answer a tough question.  We only made it through 8 or 9 slides out of 25 that meeting, but the growth over the weeks and advice taken has had a lasting impact on how I approach people and daily life.'

Masterminds… Let’s be honest, the name even sounds slightly intimidating and uncomfortable.  After a few hours to reflect on my experiences in the mastermind groups, the one word that continued to come to mind was “growth.”  If my father would have asked me a year ago to write this post, I would have had the same feelings of being uncomfortable just as I had the first time walking into a mastermind.  Throughout those masterminds I have had the opportunity to meet new people and connect with them on a different level then most, I feel much more confident in my ideas and overall just have a more positive lookout on every situation I may end up in.

Having to narrow it down to three reasons why everyone should join a mastermind might have been my hardest task of the day.  Firstly, No matter where you are in life, there can be uplift in spirits and ideas through the face-to-face interactions in a room of positive people.  In a mastermind, meeting new people goes far beyond a name and handshake, there is a connection made with each individual in the group.  This time spent in a room full of growing people will help you find the motivation and leadership skills you may be lacking or in search of.

            Another reason can be related to the first, by putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation it leaves room to grow as an individual.  Sometimes when the tough questions are asked we tend to put our head down and just listen instead of interacting.  During a mastermind study, you will become more comfortable having to deal with unfavorable situations and questions by finding answers from with–in.  This doesn’t only occur during the meetings, but you will find yourself applying the same skills to family and business life as well.

            Lastly, when we graduation from school, whether it be high school or college, why do we stop expanding our minds?  Each class through school became more detailed challenging us to learn new and more material.  Once we are comfortable with where we are and what we know, we become stagnant as an individual.  The world is in a constant state of change, we must open our minds to differing views and opinions to better help us understand our own.  This paired with continual learning can push us to obtain a state of constant growth putting us closer to achieving our goals.

Get uncomfortable and see the growth,

Jordan Green

New Masterminds starting Monday, August 17th in Bowling Green.
New Masterminds starting Thursday, September 3rd in Morgantown.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

JESUS: The Master Teacher

JESUS: The Master Teacher
Blog #7

The impact of great teachers upon the world can never be measured accurately in any way. The following quote best summarizes the tremendous impact that master teachers leave on their students, communities, and the world.

“A great teacher affects eternity; he/she can never tell
where their influence stops.”  
(Henry Adams)

I have the privilege of speaking this week on Jesus: The Master Teacher and the powerful ways he touched the students/people during his journey on earth. Jesus guided/taught his children by MODELING/MENTORING the appropriate actions such as listening, identifying their gifts/talents, and inspiring them to reach their full potential. 

A second method utilized by Jesus was to MANAGE PEOPLE effectively through public events, civil demonstrations, and small group sharing with his disciples and spiritual leaders of the day. The effective use of managing people allowed Jesus to teach us that LOVE always wins and GENEROSITY changes everything. 

The final method he practiced was to instill in his children that the MEMORIES OF THE JOURNEY truly matter and that simple stories and experiences in everyday life can become powerful lessons for us to learn. Jesus taught this through the use of parables, signs and amazing wonders he performed, and through the most powerful lesson of all at the CROSS.

Join us this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. at Salem Church in Logansport, Kentucky as we take a closer and deeper look at the marvelous and impactful teachings of Jesus Christ. I hope you can join this wonderful community for the service.

Stay Positive and remember Today Matters,

 Jim Green

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Never forget the SERVICE of others

Never forget the SERVICE of others.
Blog #6

As I reflect upon Memorial Day, I am once again reminded of the service that so many men and women sacrificed so that you and I may enjoy the many freedoms we have today. Memorial Day is a day we set aside to commemorate veterans who died during their service to our country. It was first enacted to honor those soldiers in the Union army who died during the American Civil War. After World War I it was extended to include American casualties of any war or military action.

I never had the privilege to serve in the military, however, I am grateful for those who have and would like to extend a public “Thanks,” to all, especially a few family members who did serve in the military branches. Not all of these were killed or injured, but all served their country with honor and distinction.

·      My father, BOBBY GREEN, who served in the United States Air Force during the 1950’s.
·      My grandfather, JAMES WADDLE, (Deceased) who served in the U.S. Navy during WW II in the Pacific Theatre.
·      My uncle, BILL GREEN, (Deceased) who served in the U.S. Army during WW II in the North African and European Theatre. He was a POW in a Nazi camp. Received numerous medals and badges for his service to his country.
·      My uncle, STEVE GREEN, (Deceased) who served in the U.S. Army during the early 1960’s.
·      My uncle, JOE SCARBOROUGH, (Deceased) retired U.S. Army Veteran who saw action and served during the Vietnam War.
·      My uncle, JURGEON KLEIN, retired U.S. Army Veteran. Served during the Vietnam War.
·      My father-in-law, LONNIE SNODGRASS, (Deceased) who served in the U.S. Army during WW II in the Pacific Theatre.
·      My brother–in-law, H.M. SNODGRASS, U.S. Army veteran who served and saw action in the Vietnam War.
·      My brother-in-law, VENSON SNODGRASS, U.S. Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War.
·      My cousin, Lt. Col. MIKE HOGAN, West Point graduate, retired U.S. Army veteran. Served a distinguished career whose leadership and counsel were valuable to both Army leaders and members of the U.S. Congress. Worked at the Pentagon.

There are many others including friends and distant relatives who have served in the different branches of the military. I am forever grateful for their SERVICE to this country and its citizens.


Stay Positive and remember Today Matters,

 Jim Green

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fatherhood: Part 3

Please, is there a manual for Fatherhood? (Part 3)

As we wrap up the final segment of the realities of fatherhood, I am reminded once more of the awesome responsibility we have as fathers with our children. The road from birth to early adolescence, and then through the bumpy teenage years are all lessons for us as fathers and husbands. These experiences will develop and shape us into the parents and individuals that we will become.

The fourth lesson in reality is to empower your children to make choices and decisions in their own lives which will allow them to benefit from their successes and to grow from the setbacks and failures that they will encounter along the way. These many struggles will allow them to develop their character and shape their values to become the person they were destined to become. I have seen too many parents that have tried to shelter and protect their children from facing these rocky challenges, but when this occurred, reality had a mean way of making the setbacks harder to endure and the lessons from these hardships were not learned. The process would be repeated and many times the struggles were greater.

Thank you for joining us over the past few weeks as we have taken a dive into the precious gift of fatherhood. It is a gift that keeps on giving and giving if we understand the lessons and realities that it will teach us. A joy that cannot be described and a responsibility like none other. Have a great week.

Stay Positive and remember Today Matters,

 Jim Green